Lab Sessions & Worksheets

You have weekly lab sessions supporting COMP2931 and several other modules. Check your timetable to see your allocated lab session. Note that these are optional 'drop-in' sessions; there is no need to attend if you are having no difficulties with the work.

In COMP2931, there are a number of worksheets for you to do:

  1. Developing with a Java IDE
  2. Unit testing with JUnit Essential Cwk1
  3. Test-driven development
  4. Project automation using Ant Cwk1
  5. An introduction to Gradle
  6. Using Git in an IDE
  7. Team development with Git Essential
  8. Database management & JDBC

These will help you learn the tools that you will need to use for the Semester 1 coursework and the group project in Semester 2. They will also be useful as preparation for the exam - so do not neglect them!

Note that the ordering of these worksheets and the order in which we cover the related topics in lectures is different. We recommend that you do them in order of topic coverage rather than in the order given here. Note also that Worksheets 1 & 6 are near-duplicates of worksheets from COMP1721. If you did them then, there is no need to do them again now, unless you need a reminder of their content.